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Cleaning or decorating suggestions to make party giving less stressful.

Toilet Cleaning Miracle

I’ve been trying various remedies for removing the dark mineral stains in my toilets for years, but to no avail. I’ve emptied the water and scrubbed with abrasive cleaner, chipped away with a knife and dropped denture cleaning tablets into the water. Nothing worked.

When company was coming, I took to using Scrubbing Bubbles. It didn’t eliminate the stain but disguised it a bit by turning the water blue. Then, my husband read about muriatic acid.

The brand he bought is aptly named Acid Magic. Within minutes of adding some to the water in the bowl, the stain began to fade, and soon it had vanished. Now there’s one less obstacle preventing me from inviting people over.

Certol International, the manufacturer of Acid Magic calls the product “The User Friendly Muriatic Acid ™,” and claims that it “can’t burn intact skin.” But if you purchase it, be certain to use the product carefully, following product directions.

Coming Clean

There are a number of old rhymes that assign various housecleaning chores to specific days. And a friend recalls that on summer Mondays her family couldn’t attend their swim club, because it was the day their mother reserved for serious housework. I don’t know anyone who follows a weekly cleaning schedule now, however. Do you?

I dust and vacuum when the mood strikes or time allows, when I spy a cobweb, or when company is coming. Unfortunately, that means often I have to allow extra time for cleaning if I’m having people over, which creates additional anxiety.

Having had a mother who was a meticulous housekeeper, I feel guilty about my laxness. But judging from a casual survey of friends and relatives, I’m not alone.

Most say that they straighten daily and tidy the most visible areas (bathroom sinks and toilets, for instance). Some report that they hire help from a cleaning person or a service.

How do you handle housecleaning? Please, help other readers by sharing.

Spring into Action

A winter like this one can make even spring cleaning sound good.

The relentless cold and snow has me dreaming of deep cleaning and long overdue home improvements. I’m actually looking forward to washing the windows, brushing the screens and laundering the curtains. I’ve even volunteered to paint our house inside, although ordinarily I’d wait for my husband to get around  to it.

When the warm weather finally arrives, I want to be ready to welcome company. And while I shouldn’t use a less-than-pristine place as an excuse to put off inviting people, I do.