Put an Egg on It!

To turn leftover roasted cauliflower and a side dish of quinoa mixed with scallions and fresh tomato into a nourishing and delicious lunch, I needed a protein. So I decided to scramble some Egg Beaters as a topping. The result was delicious and reminded me that an egg-especially a real one that’s been poached or fried in butter or olive oil-can take an ordinary dish to new heights.

Now that egg prices are coming back in line after soaring due to the Avian Flu epidemic, it makes sense again to suggest adding an egg. Doing so dresses up simple dishes, making them extra special for company. The commonplace summer appetizer of steamed asparagus becomes something extraordinary when sprinkled with grated parmesan and topped with a fried egg.

A homey hash of finely diced sauteed potatoes, onions and mushrooms or zucchini is glorified by topping it with a sunny-side-up fried egg. What’s especially nice about this idea is that you can prepare the base in advance and rewarm it, if necessary. Then you can fry the eggs just before serving for a stunning presentation.

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