Summer Soup Spin

I never thought that I needed a freestanding blender. For that matter, I never understood why anyone who owns a food processor would need to clog their cabinets or clutter their countertop with an extra appliance. Then I made New York Times columnist Melissa Clark’s basil, buttermilk, corn blender soup for company last week and began to understand.

A processor is designed to chop, slice, shred and grate, and can only accept small amounts of liquid before it leaks. After having that annoying experience, I bought an immersion blender, which allows me to puree soup right in the pot. But it wasn’t quite up to the job of pulverizing the more than three cups of raw corn kernels called for by Clark’s recipe.

As Clark recommends in her excellent video demo, I persisted until no flecks of basil remained and the soup turned a lovely light green. But since my stick blender has limited power, I was left with too much corn sludge. Judging from the video, it appeared to be a lot more than remained in Clark’s strainer.

I served the soup in shot glasses as an hors d’oeuvre, and while it was nice, it struck me as slightly bitter. I think it would have been sweeter if I’d been able to incorporate more corn into the mix. What’s more, what was intended as the easiest warm weather recipe, turned out to be too much work without the power of a real blender, so maybe there’s one in my future.

If you’ve got a blender, you might want to try the recipe. Here’s a link:

I’ll be taking a summer break. See you on August 18. THH

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