Spring Cleaning Steps

Probably because we had a snowfall only last week and temperatures have fallen below freezing frequently since spring sprung, I’ve gotten way behind on the usual indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. Now the need to attend to them keeps nagging at mind as I fight to meet upcoming writing deadlines. My solution to this problem is to do the job a step at a time,instead of tackling spring cleaning ┬áin a weeklong whirlwind, as many people do.

It’s amazing how good it felt to simply transfer the sweaters to summer storage.Tackling that tiny task freed up space in a drawer that had been clogged with clothes from two seasons and freed my mind to attend to the work at hand.

You may find, as I often do, that by accomplishing even the smallest job builds enough momentum to let you knock off two or three more items on your list. But even making a start will be sufficient.

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