My Hostess Heroine

I enjoyed myself thoroughly on a recent Saturday night at the home of a friend, who is anything but a Hysterical Hostess. Her focus is on bringing friends together with the idea of creating a good time for everyone, herself included. She entertains often and easily and has a lot to teach the rest of us.

The meal is always tasty and plentiful, but her purpose is not to impress. Whether she buys or makes the food depends on the time she has available and her whim. Sometimes she produces special dishes from scratch (a homemade empanada hors d’oeuvre comes to mind) but she might set out store-bought sides or ask friends to contribute to the meal.

The other night, the menu included a combination of the two. There was a thick, juicy grilled steak and barbecued burger halves served in hot dog buns; a large salad brought by a guest; store-bought potato and macaroni salad and corn on the cob. The last item was afforded the niceties of clarified butter and a brush for applying it, corn holders and separate dishes intended only for corn.

Apparently, she’d assigned the task of supplying dessert to her husband, and didn’t know what he’d purchased until it was serving time. When it turned out to be a gallon of ice cream for 10 of us, she handed one guest a scoop, asked us to serve ourselves and, as an afterthought, added a bowl of homemade blueberry pie filling from her frig as a topping.

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