A Little Decorating Advice

A small change can make a big improvement when it comes to décor. And feeling better about your home is likely to make you feel better about inviting people to visit it.

In the parlance of Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project (Harper Collins, 2009), I am an “underbuyer,” someone who delays making purchases or buys as little as possible. But when my husband suggested the need to replace the towels in our country bathroom, even I had to admit it was time. After over 20 years of regular use (albeit mostly on weekends and vacations), they were downright shabby.

We replaced the old forest green and burgundy towels with new ones in French vanilla, a perfect match for the off-white walls, floor tiles, and shower curtain, and the effect was magically uplifting. At the same time, we picked up pillows and linen shams to accentuate the coverlet on our bed. Now, instead of just looking “made,” it looks dressed.

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